Texas Look

Here is a secret celebrities use to get a stronger jaw line. It's a non-surgical procedure known as "jaw augmentation". A strong jawline is a must in Hollywood! "We obviously live in the era of everyone is influenced by social media

Texas/ Squar look gives an attractive, a sharp and tight jawline and chin for both females and males

  • How can you get Texas/square jawline

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers injection on the angle of jaw  Hyaluronic acid is a natural occurring protein in the skin and have along history of safty

-Some cases need sculpting fat over jaw or buccal fat then filler inject


  • .How Long Do the Results Last?

The results last between 14 and 18 months

The face you have at 21 is the face God gave you,

But the face you have at 50 is the face you earned.

So it is time to take care of your face Now to look your best later.

doublechin removal v sahpe

Gummy -Smile

When you smile, do you feel the appearance of your upper teeth is overshadowed by excessive gum tissue? 

While for most people smiling is an expression of happiness, individuals whose gums stand out more than their smile does often feel self-conscious,' that they prefer not to smile at all.
NOW  Botox is the'ideal'  treatment for Hollywood smile.

 Injecting Botox into patients' upper lip muscles, to decrease the amount of gum shown and prevent the so-called 'gummy smile'.

In the past, surgery was the main treatment option, but is often too costly and painful. Botox on the other hand, takes ten minutes to administer and last for up six months with no pain.

Nose job 

Non surgical nose job is becoming very popular as it's not only can give the same results as the surgical procedure with no down time or pain but more important it gives you the choice to correct the results if you don't feel satisfied . 

This 15 minute procedure can quickly and easily correct minor bumps, deviations, drooping tips and other imperfections. Results will last up to 18 months and you can always safely redo it again. 

The injections can vary from Dermal filler to Botox or even threads according to each case.

Eye Treatments

 Eyes are the doorway to your heart and soul. They reflect your emotions and your inner being. Thus it's no wonder why dark circles, sunken eyes, eye bags and wrinkles can add years to your real age. Treating these conditions can be done now without surgery, with no down time or pain. like:

- Under eyes' Bags: puffy lower eye lid can be gone by the use of dermal filler to restore the smooth transition from the under-eye to the cheeks.

- Dark Circles: where lack of sleep, anemia and genetics can be the cause. Carbotherapy is an innovative treatment to these stubborn circles in a matter of 10 minutes.

- Tear Trough:  tear trough can create a  division between the lower eyelid and cheek that make you  look more tired and older than you really are.

treating this division can be done by the use of dermal filler or PRP treatments.

- Wrinkles:  under eye wrinkles are probably the first thing that we see when we start to worry about our age. They appear out of nowhere like little thieves to steal away your youth. Don't worry we can eliminate these wrinkle with Botox, Fraxel co2 laser or HIFU 



Tired of your chubby rounded face !

Slimming and defining the jaw line area is a great option to change the frame of your face from being square  or round to more V shaped  ( NEFERTITI LOOK ).

This can be achieved simply with no surgery by:

- Botox: used to define the jawline by reducing the size of the master muscles on each side of the jaw. 

- Slimming face devices: Where elimination of excess fat and contouring the jaw line can be done in a simple session.

- Chin and jaw Fillers: When the problem is relatively small jaws and chin compared to the rest of the face, then the use of Dermal Filler can enhance the shape and define the jaw's line 

                            ( Texas look )

A non-surgical face lift is achieved by using a combination of aesthetic treatments to restore facial structures and treat localized facial concerns such as wrinkles, loss of volume, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

This provides a good alternative to the traditional surgical facelift with none of the down time, no visible scarring and pain that goes with a surgical procedure.

It include :

- Liquid facelift: which can restore the lost volume and fight wrinkles, lines and sagging facial skin to give a dramatic result.

- Vampire facelift: with the use of PRP and dermapen technique to restore your collagen network and rejuvenate skin texture .

- Thread lift: is an innovative facial procedure that can gently elevate sagging brows, cheeks and jowls.

- HIFU lift: Where a number of one session is enough to send you back in time 8 years.


Youthful faces have cheeks, but sadly as we age the loss of fat, diminishing bone and muscle, gravity, poor skin condition, sun and environmental damage all cause our cheeks to head south and become jowls!

procedures are quick with instant results which restore the three-dimensional contour of the face without the need for surgery.

The cheeks, nasolabial lines and marionette lines can be treated to generate a lifting effect, a look that is instantly rejuvenating, attractive and natural in appearance, this is also known as The Y-Lift

Be on top of your age with a results that can last up to from 12 to 18 months . 

Double Chin

Having a double chin can make people look older than their real age.

Say goodbye to your double chin. Say hello to a younger you in the mirror.as there is multiple treatments to go with various shape and size of your double chin.

- 3DHIFU: Thanks to the ultra depth  3DHIFU offers to reach the deep fat and in the same time build a collagen network to support the muscles and the skin

- 3DLIPO: where freezing fat and lifting skin can be done in the same session thanks to the 3 techniques revolutionary device.

- Mesotherapy: minimally invasive procedure that delivers small amounts of fat-dissolving compounds through a series of injections.


Non surgical facelift

Tear Trough 

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